I Tried Hello Fresh So You Don’t Have To

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The road to the life I want to live is a hectic one. No two days are alike and the only common factor is that I’m busy as hell. That’s so New York of me. Even when New Yorker’s have free time it’s still filled with commutes and chores and chaos. There’s some sleep thrown in there too.

I’ve recently learned that most people I admire, usually entrepreneurs, were able to become the successes they are with a little help along the way, in addition to eliminating tedious tasks. Help along the way can be paying a laundress rather than doing your laundry so you have time to do the things you need or even hiring a housekeeper.

One thing that I spend too much time doing is standing in line at Trader Joe’s, so I figured a grocery delivery service would help me out tremendously. It was even better when the meals came pre packaged so I didn’t have to write a grocery list, and I didn’t run the risk of forgetting items. There are a few companies that offered this service but I went with Hello Fresh. Here’s how it went:

I got my meals shipped to my office, afraid that the delivery guy couldn’t get into my building and/or wouldn’t leave it. After seeing how heavy it was, I wish I would’ve just taken my chances. The box is filled with several ice packs making it difficult for a young lady like myself to carry it all the way home on the subway. I just took out the items and stuffed them into a Whole Foods bag, but my other option was to take it home, meal by meal.

I ordered three meals for two as I cook for one. I knew in advance I’d be getting at least 3 portions out of each meal and that more than justified the $69 price tag. Three meals for two comes out to $11.50 per meal and it gets cheaper the more meals you purchase. Get $40 off your first box with DVSQUK.

Aside from a leaky chicken pack, everything was good to go and my toughest decision was what to make first. I had the option of stuffed bell peppers, yogurt marinated chicken, and pork tenderloin. Every little ingredient needed for this meal (except for the standard salt, pepper, and oil) was in that box. I was amazed. There was a also menu booklet that provided detailed instructions including cooking time.

hello fresh pork tenderloin

I opted for the pork tenderloin as it seemed the fanciest and something I’d never cooked before. The cooking time was twice what the booklet said it would be and I even had to call my mom to double check the color of cooked pork. My tenderloin was nowhere near done in the time that Hello Fresh said it should be, so I had to turn up the heat and set the timer once more. This was annoying only because I was going through this process to save time, not to frantically run around the kitchen like a chef on opening night. The end result made it worth it as the meal was delicious, but I was looking forward to the simpler meals the following days.

hello fresh yogurt marinated chicken

I was a little better prepared at multitasking when it came time to make the yogurt marinated chicken. It took less time than the tenderloin and I didn’t need to call my mom to ask what color the cooked chicken should be. I did end up calling her to tell her how friggin delicious it was. The rice, the chicken, the zucchini, heck, even the yogurt was delicious as a dip. I never would’ve thought I’d love it so much but it was superb.

hello fresh stuffed bell peppers

I remember being super hungry but opting to come home instead of eating out to make these little treats. Even though I went only about 10-15 minutes over the toking time, I wish I could’ve whipped them up faster. I don’t know why I thought it’d be a quick meal. I hated having to bake the peppers after already softening them once AND cooking the filling. This isn’t Hello Fresh’s fault though, that’s just how you make stuffed peppers. They were good, I just wish I would’ve seasoned them a little more. I hate adding salt to things so I stuck with what came in the box and only seasoned the peppers as instructed. These are great to pack for lunch as they fit easily into a container and you don’t have to worry about packaging sides.

While ordering Hello Fresh  definitely beat going to the grocery store, I’m still working to figure out how often I need a delivery. I put a pause on it simply because of my travel schedule, but when I’m back in town for a while, I think a bi-weekly delivery will work best for me. I get several servings out of each meal and sometimes take leftovers to lunch, which means I’ll be munching on the meals longer than the average person.

I think it’s great that the menu switched up on a weekly basis as I always struggle with coming up with new meals to cook when grocery shopping. I ultimately end up eating the same thing every other week and it’s boring. Hello Fresh is a great way to cook outside of the box and I want to help you do so too. If you’re interested in trying them out, here’s a $40 off promo for your first box! Just click the link and it’ll do the rest. If you want to be extra sure it goes through, my actually promo code is DVSQUK.

Bon Appetit!

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