Floral Wrap Dress

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I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve been shopping but even when I do actually leave a store with a bag, I make sure it’s an investment piece that’s of decent quality.

I scored this floral wrap dress months ago (when it was too cold to even look at it) from Bloomingdales for a whopping $27. It was on sale and had an extra percentage off! Talk about a bang for my buck. Like my off the shoulder dress, this was something I knew would come in handy on one of my vacations later on down the line.

Dress: Bloomingdales (the brand)

Sandals: Free People

I tend to pick up items on sale throughout the year and just save them for when I have a trip or event coming up versus buying loads of stuff right before a trip. How do you shop for vacations? Which method do you prefer?

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