Top 3 Most Expensive Places to Travel

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I immediately knew when I sat down and wrote about the Top 3 Cheapest Places to Travel, there would have to be a follow up where I talked about the most expensive places to travel. Let’s not get into the fact that I visited all three of these countries (and one other typical pricey European destination) all in a 10 day journey. Thank goodness for hostels, airbnb, and public transportation. Oh, and that $441 two in one flight helped too!

I’m sure I’ll visit places much more expensive than these because I naturally have champagne taste on a four loco budget, but let’s hop into the list of the top 3 most expensive places I’ve visited so far.

3. Amsterdam


Let’s get straight to the point. Amsterdam was only the cheapest of the three because I had the least time there and didn’t spend daily. Have you not read the story about me getting so high that I remembered I had a bus out of the city my second day there? I reserved a hostel for two nights but only planned on staying one. The burger I was scarfing down in the middle of this thought process was all too good too. And at a discount! Why? Because my hostel had a bar/restaurant downstairs and we got a great discount. So clearly I ate and drank there to save a few bucks.

Currency: $1 USD = 0.84 Euros

Flight: Copenhagen to Amsterdam $111 (one way)

Accommodations: $109 for two nights in a hostel (even though I stayed one)

Avg. Cost of Meals: Because I was eating in the restaurant of my hostel, I was spending about $16+ on meals such as chicken tenders and fries or a burger and fries. They also had a great happy hour with buy one get one free drinks so in total I want to say I was spending a little over $20.

Look, my time In Amsterdam was cut way too short. I have to make it back. I left the train station to walk to my hostel and was taken aback by how gorgeous the city is. I don’t care how expensive it was. I would totally do a hostel again or a hotel RIGHT along the canals for convenience. If I could find an airbnb close by that’d be great because let’s face it, who wants to be high as hell trying to find their way home? I actually did that in Copenhagen so I know about these things.

Check out my time in Amsterdam.

2. Copenhagen


I don’t know how I discovered Copenhagen but I like to think that I saw a photo of Nyhavn or the colorful architecture and set my sights on it. It didn’t help that when I was thumbing through an astrology book, one of the cities listed for Libras (places that we’d love or thrive in) was Copenhagen. Now while it isn’t one of my favorite cities on earth, I definitely enjoyed the things I did there such as visiting Christiania and the Carlsberg brewery. However, I expected to fall in love and I sort of didn’t…at least not yet.

Currency: 1 USD = 7 DKK(Danish Kroner)

Flight: $15 (one way) from London to Copenhagen. YES, FIFTEEN.

Accommodations: $93 for 2 nights in a hostel

Avg. Cost of Meals: Don’t hate me, but I’m trying to remember what I even ate in Copenhagen. I know I was blown away by the fact that I was spending $8+ on croissants and tea. I spent over $10 (probably closer to $15) on a salmon sandwich and I think I had Mickey D’s one afternoon. Everywhere I go, especially if it’s expensive, I usually end up in McDonalds one evening to not only save a few bucks, but because I actually like to eat McDonalds. I keep it to once in a while though.

Reach about my Copenhagen adventures on Day 1 and Days 2 & 3.

1. Iceland

Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

Believe me when I say that Iceland was expensive from the moment I stepped off of the plane. I spent over 30 bucks just to get from the airport to downtown Reykjavik. Now that’s comparable to me ubering to/from the airports in NYC, but in Iceland it was on a coach style bus. And it dropped me off at a bus station to catch a van to the downtown area. I then had to walk to my airbnb, which was luckily a couple minutes from the stop.

Currency: $1 USD = 105.3 ISK (Icelandic Krona)

Flight: $441 RT JFK-LDN-ICE-JFK

AccommodationsAirbnb $209 for a single room for 3 nights

Avg. Price of Meals: I spent over $20 on a meal of fish and chips that were the best I ever had in my life, but pricey. When it came to my morning croissant and tea I was spending well over $10 for some reason.

Even though breathing the free air in Iceland was uber expensive, I actually want to live there, It’s beyond gorgeous and just a dope place to be. On my second day of the trip, I ended up heading to a grocery store and grabbed things like a frozen pizza and snacks. That’s a great way to offset the medical bills from when you fall out at the exchange rate.

Check out my Icelandinc Shennanigans here and here.

Top 3 Most Expensive Places to Travel

I’ve realized that even though countries are expensive, I still spend as little as possible. If you’re someone who would need to eat out at a decent restaurant every meal and have a list of activities a day, plan for it. If you need a hotel versus sharing a room with 4+complete strangers, albeit in the center of town, plan for it. Even my expensive meals were probably the cheapest on the menu because I’m just naturally frugal. So, if you’re anything like me, these countries will be a breeze for you and not break the bank. Paying for lodging and flights well in advance make all the difference too!

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  1. Loved you budget travel list as well as this one. Good to know that these places are so expensive so I can avoid them
    When I’m broke. And I knew Iceland was expensive but I had no idea it was that expensive. Like the cost to and from the airport is insane!!

  2. I’ve heard that both Amsterdam and Iceland are super expensive! (I’ve invited my mum to iceland to help ease the costs haha) 😉 But I’m surprised at the prices in Copenhagen! Although with a $15 flight you can’t really complain

  3. I have been to Iceland and lived in Copenhagen, and they’re definitely expensive! I didn’t realize Amsterdam was that expensive though, I’ll have to try to go during the off season!

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