Eurotrip: Iceland, Day 3

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At one point during my trip to Iceland, it became a thing to roam neighborhoods everyday, sometimes several times a day. This usually involved me ascending hill after hill, only to descend into entirely new areas. No matter where I stood, I could usually see gorgeous, breathtaking, ice-capped Icelandic mountains. I was in awe on a daily basis.

Sculptures in Iceland

On my last full day in the stunning Reykjavik I decided not to spend whatever money I had left in my nonexistent budget. Yes, Iceland was draining my pockets, but I thought I should go big or go home because with my strict “no country twice” rule, I didn’t know when I’d visit again. It didn’t take long for me to decide that almost 100 bucks on a tour I was less than enthused about wasn’t a great idea. I didn’t want to force anything and I for damn sure didn’t want to do it just to say I had. I’d gotten a feel of the land and realized that I would need to return to Iceland to do specifically all the things I wanted, and not just what was expected when you visit Iceland. One thing I did want to do and would have time for, no matter how long it took, was to get as close to those mountains as possible. I wanted so badly to hike as far as I could up the side of a mountain and come back down when it was time to head home.

Art in Iceland

After discovering the best fish n’ chips spot in my life and indulging in a pint of Viking beer, I set out toward the water that was minutes from where I was staying. The mountains were just there across the lake and if I’d had a canoe or kayak I would’ve been well on my way. My only only option was to follow the highway around it. Luckily there was a walking/biking path for a good ways of it. Eventually I ended up veering off onto a path that had what I believe to be a couple homes along it. One was complete with what had to have been junkyard art and sculptures. I was glad I had my camera to get some cool footage of it before setting off further down the path and even closer to the mountains. I ended up in the location where I can assume all Reykjavik cruises port. It didn’t take long for passengers to wave for dear life like we, I and the others standing along the water, were their relatives that they wouldn’t see again for years. As I waved back to be a good sport, I realized that this was as far as I would go. Another body of water so small I could’ve swam it was standing between me and the shoreline of the mountains. Devastated isn’t the word. Every day I’d wake up knowing that that would be the day I walked to those mountains. Little did I know, it was damn near impossible to get there on foot. Oh well, next time.

Lighthouse Iceland

If you haven’t read my first few days in Iceland check out Day 1 and my day at the Blue Lagoon.

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