Eurotrip: Copenhagen, Days 2 & 3

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Day 2

I don’t know why my second day in Copenhagen was such a blur but I bet I can blame my visit to Carlsberg Brewery. After my walk back to my hostel I decided to keep going and finally spend some time on the water. I’d arrived just in time at Gammel Strand for an evening Grand Tour by Stromma in the form of a canal cruise. I was scared I wouldn’t have time for a cruise but the Nordic Gods were clearly on my side.

The cruise is actually where I learned all about Christiania. My friend wasn’t able to offer up much information and let’s just say I didn’t have the time to learn about it while actually exploring the area.  It was the cruise guide who alerted me to the fact that Christiania is a Freetown and that they don’t pay taxes, etc. I also learned that Copenhagen resembles Amsterdam so much on purpose. It was actually modeled after Amsterdam. Go figure. If you make it to Copenhagen and are interested in a canal cruise or other sightseeing, I highly recommend going with Stromma. It was the best way to unwind after a day of being on the move.

Copenhagen Architecture Copenhagen Boat

After my cruise I decided to head to another coffee shop that was a part of the same chain where I had my beloved croissant and opted for Early Grey this go round. If you know me, you know Earl Grey is always somewhere close by. I walked around as usual and ended up in random neighborhoods for no reason. I saw buildings and statues that made me wish I’d brought along my camera. After a couple hours I made my way back to my hostel simply to charge my phone and shortly left out again in search of ice cream that I’d seen everyone with. Now it was well after dark and I was attempting to walk back to a random ice cream shop, along a random canal, all by memory. It took a while, but I made it just before closing, which was about 11:00 pm. I ordered a couple scoops of the cookies n’ cream and boy oh boy was it not worth the trek. I swear earlier in the day the line was out the door, but then again I don’t really care for ice cream anyway. It was all about the experience. It always is.

Canal Cruise Copenhagen Copenhagen Stromma Grand Tour

Day 3

It felt as if I had an entire third day in Copenhagen because my flight to country number three wasn’t until later in the afternoon. Can you guess where I traipsed off to after storing my backpack at my hostel? You guessed it. A croissant and iced passion lemonade tea was screaming my name. I used this day to sit and people watch, per usual, and roam the canals one last time. I was after a particular shot that usually pops up simply from googling “Copenhagen” and I had yet to stumble upon it as I usually do.

Copenhagen Cafe Nyhavn Canal

Once I got my shot I did my usual last walkabout, taking in the city I was about to leave until further notice. It’s weird. I can visit a city, fall in love, but literally never know if and when I’ll be back. Sure, a repeat visit is always the goal…but there’s an entire world out there to see. And I’m going to see it.

 Park Copenhagen Copenhagen Park

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