Eurotrip: Copenhagen, Day 1

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If you followed my snapchat throughout my Eurotrip, then you know exactly why I went to Copenhagen. Truthfully, the entire world is on my travel bucket list. I have no method of how I choose places other than the flight was cheap and it fit some dates I had free. So sure, Copenhagen is on the list, but for an additional reason as well. Last year, which seems like a lifetime ago, I had a roommate that, like me, was into astrology. Only she knew everything about everything, whereas I’m more well versed on Libra’s. Anyways, she let me borrow a book about astrology that happened to discuss cities that are good for certain zodiac signs. While there’s a long list of “cities ruled by certain zodiacs,” Copenhagen was on my short list. Surprisingly, another city I’ll visit later this year is on that list as well and I didn’t even realize it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll go there and fall in love with it, but Libra’s supposedly thrive there and have a special connection with it. To my surprise, out of the four cities/countries I visited, it’s the one that I’ve yet to say I need to revisit. I thought maybe I just wasn’t in love with it, but when it came to the other three countries, I feel like there’s xyz to go back and do so that I can officially cross them off of my list. I just need a few more days in those countries to be done with them. I didn’t feel like that about Copenhagen. I don’t feel the need to scratch it off of the list and move on. While I was there, I simply was. I was able to just be. That’s my ultimate travel goal with any country. I want to wake up and exist and be a part of the population. And that’s always lovely.


Day 1

Can we discuss my successful maneuvering throughout London to one of the further airports? The entire journey I kept giving myself imaginary pats on the back for being a travel boss, and getting from point A to B with little to no help. We won’t count Apple Maps. There’s something about being alone in foreign countries and succeeding at even the smallest things that make me so proud of myself. Like a mama watching their baby’s first steps, I tell ya.

Once I made it to the airport my rowmate on the plane was back and forth trying to secure a seat next to her travel partner. To be honest I was hoping she’d sit next to me as we were close in age and she was the only other Black person on the plane. Guess not many Black people head to Copenhagen, at least not from London. Once we arrived in Denmark we struck up a conversation that I’m now all too sure was her excuse to talk to me. We rode the train together to our respective neighborhoods and planned to meet up later once we’d settled in. They knew of a land called Christiania and after the stories she’d told, I was excited to visit.


Arriving at my hostel was more than a breath of fresh air. The room was substantially bigger than the London hostel, the beds bigger and more comfy, and even more privacy. Or as much privacy as one could expect for a four bed hostel room. After chatting it up with my roommate and finding out that she too was a travel blogger, I headed out on my usual walk around town to take in the sites and get some shots for Wanderlust, My Way. I prefer to do this immediately and during the day so that I can spend the rest of my time not having to lug around a camera.


Because we would eventually end up in Christiania, and my new friend couldn’t tell me anything about it other than it was the Red Light District of Copenhagen, I assumed it must’ve been in Christianshavn. So, I eventually made my way across the river and to that section of Copenhagen. I walked up and down the colorful canal-ways until I met up with them and we headed to the infamous Christiania. Crazily enough, from what one of the women described, I had already passed by Christiania and had no clue except for the graffitied building I’d stumbled upon almost an hour before. Even though she’d already been there, I ended up leading us to what I can only describe as a large city block that you can’t really see into without walking down a path to enter. Because I was explicitly warned not to photograph anything (even though I saw several people walking in with their cameras) I have to try my best to give you a feel of the “town.” Sidenote: I would learn the next day that Christiania is a “free town” where its inhabitants make their own laws, don’t pay taxes, etc. Back to the story.


What I saw had to have been the sober equivalent of being on acid. There were colorful sheds and warehouses covered in graffiti, makeshift skateparks, and stand after stand selling weed, hash, space cakes, brownies, and anything else you can think of. It was sort of paradise. The paradise that only accepts cash, by the way (first and last time using the ATM in Europe). There was a huge bar that sold mainly beer, but liquor as well, and plenty of stands that sold food too. I opted for a shawarma sandwich before getting into the hash we bought. Now if you know me, it’s no secret that I smoke marijuana occasionally, however this was for research purposes, haha. If I went to Peru I’d have tried ayahuasca. Got it?

Copenhagen Canal

As my friends developed extreme cases of the giggles, I took one for the team and finished up the delectable Moroccan hash. We climbed and sat atop a hill overlooking a lake and chilled for a bit before deciding to call it a day. I’d been nibbling on what was called a space cake (very different from those sold in Amsterdam ) and wanted to get back to my room and lay down should any weird side effects start to occur. I tried to find my way back from memory and took one wrong turn, causing me to walk an additional 20 minutes or so before finding my hostel. This was all before my phone was set to die. I got to my room, sat on my bed, laid back, and well…got stuck. That’s when I officially decided I was high, or at least not as sober as I’d originally thought. I closed my eyes and even though I wanted to leave back out and roam the canals one more time, I was in for the night. I was glued to my bed. That’s all I could say the next day when describing my experience. It was glue, damnit.

Christianshavn Canal

While I didn’t plan on having an Amsterdam-esque experience in Copenhagen of all places, I highly recommend it. You only live once! Look up Christiania should you ever visit. Smoke and nibble responsibly, people.

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