How to Dress Like a New Yorker

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It’s no secret that New York City is one of the few fashion capitols of the world. It happens to be where many fashion trends are born, and others come to die. Virtually living on the subway, that place where every New Yorker takes up residence, you tend to notice what’s hot and what’s not. You can tell the difference between the Brooklyn hipsters, the Harlem young professionals, and the lower Manhattan brunch connoisseurs. Everyone has their own look whether their outfit cost a few hundred dollars, or was thrifted for twelve bucks. It’s easy to develop an eye for these things. However, there are a few staple pieces that are so New York, you can’t match the look to any particular salary range or borough. If you want to dress like a real New Yorker, you need these staple pieces hanging on your clothing rack in your closet-less, 8 by 10 foot, pre-war room:

White Dress Shirt


It’s crisp, clean, and an easy transition from day to night. If you don’t want to purchase one, just steal one from your brother or boyfriend and get the look. You can never go wrong with a white dress shirt. If you want to stand out, put a spin on it and give a little shoulder action with this off-the-shoulder look.

Dress Jogger Pants


Unlike LA, New Yorkers aren’t as obsessed with fitness. They’ve taken a classic workout style and made it office friendly. Not only are dress joggers super comfy, they make it possible to leave work and head to the hottest happy hour without having to change. Wear them to the office or on the weekend for comfort.

Wide Brim Fedora


Don’t let Pharrell be the only one with a dope hat collection. Complete any look with a funky wide brim fedora and be on your merry way to whatever mid-town rooftop bar just opened. Try this affordable option and you can’t go wrong.

A Pair of Adidas


Not a New York day goes by where you don’t spot these sneakers on more than a few residents, implants or otherwise. The Adidas Superstar shoe and tracksuits were originally made popular by Hip Hop emcee’s, which also originated in New York. It’s already been proven that Adidas is a timeless brand. Now back for the second time, Adidas’ Stan Smith shoes have become a staple piece in the New York wardrobe. Dress them up with a dress, or down with a pair of mom jeans and you’ll be sure to give cool NYC vibes.

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