Copenhagen: Carlsberg Brewery

When I inquired about things to do in Copenhagen, the last thing I thought someone would recommend was a brewery tour. They had no way of knowing about my deep love for beer, and they couldn’t have possibly known I’d think a brewery tour would be the coolest thing ever. Thanks… you.

I left my hostel after finally rolling out of bed and decided to walk to the brewery all the way from downtown Copenhagen. As I mentioned in a previous post, if the walk is about an hour or less, public transportation and I don’t know each other. I decided to grab a quick bite to eat along the way. I ended up stopping for a croissant and iced passionfruit lemonade tea, aka the most delicious drink in the galaxy, before continuing on my way through the streets of Copenhagen. Even though I had some type of cellular service during my time abroad, I was surprised to see that I was still able to follow my map even with my phone in travel mode. Aside from running into some construction that in turn caused me to be a few minutes late, I made it to the Carlsberg Brewery and brought along a thirst for some amazing beer!

Carlsberg Antique Car      Carlsberg Brewery

After grabbing an IPA (my favorite style of beer) at the first stop, I roamed the halls and read up on the history of the brewery. I never thought I’d enjoy a lesson whilst drinking, but hey, that happened. Before leaving the “Old Brewhouse” the bartender was sure to direct me upstairs to see their bottle collection. It happens to be the largest in the world and was actually amazing. Checking out rows and rows of old beer bottles from around the world, stacked ever so neatly, was kind of therapeutic. That could’ve been the delicious Carlsberg IPA giving me the feels though. Sidenote: I like to think of myself as an IPA connoisseur, and this was by far the tastiest I’ve ever had. If the strong taste is off-putting to you, I highly recommend trying an IPA by Carlsberg before writing them off.

Carlsberg Bottle Collection Bottle Collection Carlsberg

I absolutely loved the fact that I got to do a self guided tour of the brewery because it gave me time to go at my own pace. I also felt like I was exploring, which it often times felt like I was. I have to admit that trekking through the dark basement with the videos and sound effects blaring was super creepy. However, I felt super badass once I made it to the other side and rushed up the stairs. I’m not saying it’s haunted, but if it was, no ghosts were getting me.

Brewery Tools Carlsberg

Toward the end of my tour I decided to take in the gardens on the grounds and sip the beer that I somehow still hadn’t finished. I snapped some great Instagram worthy shots of the statues, wandered into the horse stables and then onto Jacobsen Brewhouse and Bar. This was the last stop on the tour. I told the bartender that I loved the IPA and he recommended a different beer for me that was equally delicious. I recommend you start with the IPA in the old brewhouse and ask the second bartender what they recommend. Or vice verse. Go ahead, stray from your comfort zone.

Carlsberg Brewery Gardens

I really want to thank Dorthe and the Carlsberg team for having me. Beer is always a lovely start to any day, and when I return to Copenhagen I definitely plan to visit again. If you’re headed to Copenhagen, be sure to add the Carlsberg Brewery to your list of things to do!

Carlsberg Brewery Copenhagen Carlsberg Brewery Carlsberg Brewery

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