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I had been planning a road trip to Boston with my friend since before I met her. Don’t ask how that works. Tis a fact. Finally the time had come, unfortunately when it began getting chilly, when we could hop on the road at 6am and drive until we reached our destination. Now, on any normal day this would’ve been the perfect plan, however, my going out clubbing the night before and not even getting home until 5am threw a wrench in our plans. I thought I was laying down to rest my eyes for a few minutes and ended up waking up hours later to several missed texts and calls.Whoops.

I immediately hopped out of bed, got dressed, and hopped in my car. Hey, being a few hours late isn’t always a bad thing. I have to say, there was no point in arriving too early…unless you have an awesome brunch on the itinerary. Having said that, no matter where you go, HAVE AN AWESOME BRUNCH ON THE ITINERARY.


Because it was just a weekend getaway, after finally grabbing a burger and beer for fuel, we immediately went to our airbnb so that we could sit our stuff down and head out to explore. We specifically stayed in Cambridge so that we could be as close to Harvard as possible. It was literally within walking distance, in addition to a few other colleges. We headed over to the area to roam, per usual.

I was surprised at how much of a quaint, sleepy town Cambridge is. I’d imagined it to be like in the movies – sports bars on every corner, thick accents, and people generally causing a ruckus. It was the exact opposite. Maybe New England only gets super hype during sports events. Yeah, that’s probably it. After grabbing a chai tea, doing a little shopping, and stumbling into the cutest floral shop, it was time to grab dinner. We opted to drive around the area a bit and stumbled upon Thelonius Monkfish. What’s that, you ask? Only the best Thai food I’ve ever had in my entire life. Their lemon ginger soba noodle dish (with shrimp) was to die for. Just thinking about it has me wanting to go back. It was surprisingly crowded, so we opted to sit at the bar. The live music in addition to watching the chef’s prepare sushi wasn’t bad entertainment.


The next morning we rose early to explore other areas, specifically Beacon Hill. Before we headed across the bridge we had brunch in Cambridge. You can’t go wrong with chicken n’ waffles and a mimosa flight. Well, actually you can. I was beyond disappointed with my food although my friend was not. When this happens I definitely don’t share the restaurant. Sorry. It was prettier than it looked though!


After my waitress suggested the coolest, not-so-little, coffee shop to grab yet another chai, it was time to head to Beacon Hill. If you’re familiar with DC, I’d definitely say Beacon Hill is similar to Georgetown. If you know all about New York, the closest comparison may be the West Village or the Tribeca area. It’s home to some of the most expensive residences and I’m sure the residents played a big role in making it almost impossible to park!

I enjoyed roaming the neighborhood, and in my usual fashion, stumbled upon a little Sunday goodness. I went to check out a boutique and they happened to be offering mimosas. It was a true shop and sip, and of course I indulged. We didn’t stick around too long before picking up some mini cupcakes, aka road fuel, and heading back to the Big Apple. I was long overdue for some rest.



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