Amalfi Coast Chronicles: Positano

I usually wing it when traveling and try to stay as far away from a preplanned itinerary as I can. However, because Positano is the town that sparked my initial desire to visit Italy again, I thought it quite apropos to spend my actual birthday there. It was…magic.

Before trekking to Positano, the goal of the morning was to wake up and watch the sun rise. The only problem was that we kept missing sunrises and sunsets because we were always behind one mountain or another as the event was happening. Waking up early did have one perk. I would finally get a couple shots of the area we were staying in for the first part of the trip.


It was officially time to get the day started. After taking in the atmosphere of what would be home for the next few days we got ready and headed up the mountain (really, up the mountain) to the bus stop. I highly recommend using public transportation in Europe, period, unless advised otherwise. The train is a great way to get between Naples and Sorrento, but buses are just as good and go from each point of the coast several times a day.

After arriving at the bus stop and deciphering the schedule, I quickly realized the bus wouldn’t be coming for another two hours. Don’t ask, we had conflicting information. I was the only one willing to trek down the mountain and back up for when the bus actually did arrive so it wasn’t an argument worth having. The only other option was to stop at a nearby grocery store and stock up on provisions for the wait. Baguettes, salami, grapes, and pears were purchased for consumption, and boy was the small feast delicious. It easily held me over until dinner.

Once we were onboard it was literally a movie. These coach busses are packed beyond capacity as they speed from town to town, roaring around corners, down hills, and along winding roads. I have to be honest, it’s not for someone with a weak stomach as I got nauseous at one point and even witnessed a woman get sick from the ride. Sorry, I like to be honest about the bad, if any, that I encounter on trips.

Finally we arrived in POSITANO. Unfortunately Luckily  we got off a stop early and had to walk down into Positano as opposed to getting off atop the hill that was right above the action. One of the best mistakes of the day.






Walking down didn’t take too long and gave me the chance to stop into a boutique to check out some dresses. Before descending even lower to where people were shopping, eating, and relaxing on the beach, I noticed a small cafe and decided to take a breather. Okay, I really just wanted to see if they had limoncello because everyone makes such a huge deal about it.


I must warn you so that you don’t go into it thinking like me. Limoncello is not some sweet and sour delicious concoction with alcohol added. The flavoring is from the lemon skin soaking in alcohol, not the actual inside of the lemon (some soak the entire unpeeled lemon). I half expected it to taste like a lemon drop shot, or martini, but it was very far from it. I tossed it back and was on my way down the hill, slightly disappointed.

I was halfway surprised at the amount of vendors selling clothing, shoes, and trinkets, but then again Positano is the most popular destination along the Amalfi coast with it’s small population more than doubling every tourist season. I can easily see a large portion of the towns income coming from tourism alone. I tend to stay away from shopping while on vacation because I don’t like to buy things that don’t scream “take me home”, but also, I don’t like to have a lot to take back home. I made it through the market without managing to spend a single euro and finally made it to the beach to relax a bit and take in the views from the bottom. This would be the end before eventually making it back up the hill and catching the bus back to Meta. Naturally wine and prosecco were bought along the way.





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